When it comes to student housing around UK campus, finding the right apartment at the right price can be challenging to say the least!

If you have ever wondered WHEN is a good time to start your search for housing, the answer is sooner rather than later!

Leases for apartments and housing around UK typically mirror the academic calendar with agreements starting on or about August 1st. Most landlords rent their properties for 12-month terms, so that means most lease agreements around campus expire on or about July 31st.

I generally start fielding calls and e-mails from students looking to secure housing for the next Fall semester around mid October. I think part of the reason for this is that some property owners require their tenants to renew their lease agreements by the end of October or November. I personally do not agree with such a short time frame that forces residents to make a decision on renewing a lease agreement after only 2-3 months into their stay at a property, but such is the market that exists today. That’s why the lease renewal deadline at UKMVP is a much friendlier March 15th.

The most desirable properties around campus are typically booked solid for the upcoming Fall semester well before the time Spring Break hits the calendar. Some properties, however, are fully leased prior to the end of the Fall semester and certainly before the 1st day of the Spring semester.

When prospective residents reach out to me and ask when they should sign a lease, I jokingly advise them that all hell tends to break loose after students return from Spring Break, so housing should be secured well before that time. Generally speaking, the longer one waits to secure housing, the less options there are, the more expensive prices become, and the further away from campus one is pushed. Trust me on this……you do NOT want to have to drive to or on campus. Parking is ridiculous (more to come on this in a future blog…).

So, when should you start looking for housing? Don’t delay…sign up today!