Why are more and more UK students in Lexington rejecting traditional cable internet service provider Spectrum and jumping on board with fiber-optic internet service provider Metronet? The short answer is better speed and better customer service.

What Makes Metronet’s 100% Fiber So Special? The answer is BANDWIDTH. A fiber-optic network uses tiny strands of glass, each as thin as a hair, to transmit beams of light over great distances. Those beams carry unprecedented amounts of data (much more than cable or DSL) directly to students.

Benefits of Fiber Internet
Incredible bandwidth allows much more data to flow through the line than any other technology, giving students all the speed that they need – without sharing their connection with neighbors. Fiber provides a consistently fast, 24/7 connection, with virtually no buffering, meaning students can work, study, stream, and game on multiple devices simultaneously.

Benefits of Fiber TV
Fiber means more data is flowing through the network and reaching your TV. This unprecedented amount of data delivers a crystal-clear TV picture with no stuttering, lag-time, or pixelation. Fiber TV also provides more programming features like advanced DVR capability.

Check out the video below for more information on the benefits of Metronet’s 100% fiber-optic network: https://youtu.be/_FHBtxCv-Mc

SIGN UP FOR METRONET SERVICES: Check for service availability by visiting signup.metronetinc.com/r/bluegrassrentalhomes.