Each school year, many parents and students are unpleasantly surprised to learn some of the terms of UK’s Housing contract AFTER signing up to live in university housing. So, what exactly do parents and students need to know BEFORE signing? What’s in the UK Housing contract? See here for yourself, view “2021-2022 Contract and Cancellation Policy” or simply take note of the following:

  • UK’s contract is not simply a housing agreement. Rather, it’s an agreement for both Housing and Dining
    • Students living in undergraduate residence halls are required to purchase a university dining plan
  • UK’s contract is NOT governed by the Kentucky Landlord-Tenant Act
    • Thus, UK has the power to do WHAT it wants, WHEN it wants, and HOW it wants
    • Students must abide by all rules and regulations for Housing Facilities as described in the Campus Housing Community Standards and the University Code of Conduct
      • Certain and/or repeated violations of the Campus Housing Community Standards or the University Code of Conduct may result in the suspension or cancellation of UK’s Housing contract.
  • UK assigns housing
    • Contract does NOT guarantee a student will be assigned to a specific:
      • Residence Hall, or
      • Particular room type, or
      • Particular area of campus
    • UK reserves the right to make assignments; reassignments in the interest of order, discipline, health, safety, security, public health event, pandemic, consolidation, or assignments to temporary or overflow housing to achieve optimal utilization of University housing
  • UK assigns roommates
  • UK assigns arrivals and departures
    • There is little to no flexibility on move in & move-out dates. UK designates the date on which students may move into the Housing Facility it assigns them and the date by which students must vacate their Assigned Housing Facility
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Visitor restrictions
  • Subletting is not allowed
  • Housing contract for the full academic year does NOT include the summer semester
  • Academic breaks
    • Students often cannot occupy university housing during the academic breaks of Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break
    • Most Residence Halls are closed during academic recesses
      • Students who require housing during any break must request assignment / permission and pay additional boarding fees

What about parking? Don’t think for a second that UK is going to give you a free parking pass and miss the opportunity to make some extra dollars! Parking around campus is always expensive and most of the time inconvenient to where students want to be. University housing does not usually come with a parking pass close to the dorm. Is on-campus living really worth it if every time you need to use your vehicle you have to walk a mile to get it?

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